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The menu — on the left — now sports a link to the Gendler dot net Media Gallery. Go ahead and take a look. The first albums include:

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Open Source software may be free to obtain, but use - or at least effective use - comes at a price. First there is the time cost. Websites still do not make themselves, you know.

Then there is the cost of knowledge. Today I bought Joomla! A User's Guide, Building A Successful Joomla! Powered Website by Barrie M. North. Border's discounted the US$44.99 price, but shezam, books are expensive.

Keep an eye out for improvements, hereon. If they do not appear, it probably means I have not been able to get to the computer. Please be patient.

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I had a surprise today when I went to browse one of the sites still hosted at iPower.com, a Tucows, now OpenSRS.net, reseller. Not there! No silly 404 Error, no: Not there. The whole network, FTP, email, cPanel, http...you know, everything. But maybe it was because iPower found out my plan to leave for the green pastures of FastDomain.com.

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Today, 28 August 2008, I installed Joomla! as the www.Gendler.net content manager. This is part of my move from iPower to FastDomain.com. So far, the transition is progressing well.

FastDomain allows access to SimpleScripts from the control panel. From there, a few mouse clicks puts Joomla! to work. I will report back after I get the photo gallery installed, and things looking better.

See you soon!