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iPower is Evil

I had a surprise today when I went to browse one of the sites still hosted at iPower.com, a Tucows, now OpenSRS.net, reseller. Not there! No silly 404 Error, no: Not there. The whole network, FTP, email, cPanel, http...you know, everything. But maybe it was because iPower found out my plan to leave for the green pastures of FastDomain.com.

Yes. When I went to www.ipower.com, it was up and running a sale on domain hosting. That must be it. I even tried the backdoor into the account. Nope. The server rejected all entreaties. Why me?

Telephone support at iPower often can fix things, but only after a very long long long wait, and only if it is something simple. This time, I had the wait, but no resolution. You see, the problem, according to technical support, was a server upgrade, planned secretly and badly executed.

Support said the problem started around 0700EDT on 10 September 2008 and here it was after 1700PDT.Thirteen hours after the problem arose and can you guess what System Issues were reported on site? None. None in cPanel. No Alert in email. No Important System Notice. No love for paying members.

I am so done with these flakes. Think they will give me a pro rata refund?

Stay tuned.

Additional search keyphrase:

"ipower sucks"

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