Anita Gendler

Maybe when you come here again, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will have had time to write a few words about herself. In the meantime, enjoy browsing Anita's photos in the Gallery, or explore Anita's Links.

Zoie Isabelle Toh, having reached the terrible twos, demonstrates her language skills in this widely popular video. At age 32 months, her folks are obviously quite proud of this precocious sprite.

Anita Gendler has a soft spot for kids performing. Memories of her own youth? Visions of what those great Redondo Beach Unified School District kids could do at the big Spring show? Whatever the reason, consider our heart strings well played.

By the way, did you catch the December 2008 issue of the RBUSD School News? I found this by Birney principal Jacqueline O’Sullivan:

All students in grades one through five receive 30 minutes of weekly choral music from our talented music teacher, Anita Gendler. This year at a winter evening concert, fourth- and fifth-graders will perform such seasonal favorites as “Pablo, the Reindeer,” “Kwanzaa Child,” “Snowtime Fantasy” and “Lots of Latkes.” Fifth-graders have been invited to perform at the annual tree-lighting ceremony at City Hall, and we look forward to sharing our Bobcat talent with the RB community.


They are not sisters, just members of the American family.

Anita Gendler has joined the more than five million people who have become adoring fans of The Cactus Cuties after seeing one of their videos. These girls can sing! Check out this YouTube if you have not already. If you have heard them before, you are no doubt already tearing up.

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Anita and Carmel blow

On New Year's Eve 2008, Anita Gendler threw a party...and someone was taking pictures!


During the summer of 2006, Anita Gendler traveled from California to Ireland. Together with Best Friend Carmel Madonna and chaperone Carmen Madonna, Anita had a wonderful adventure filled with sights, sounds, and Guinness.

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Muscat joined the Gendler family in 2007. He is an European Burmese of the Red color persuasion. View a few pictures and short video clips in Muscat Album of the Gendler Media Gallery.

Mrs. Johnson
In 2004, Anita Gendler organized a reunion of Mrs. Johnson's cello students. As usual at such events, someone was taking pictures.