Keith Gendler

Crawling Home

I have not spent much time lately working on the Home homepage so I thought I would check in. Since the migration to FastDomain, robots.txt in the account document root has been configured to block all search engines. As a result, only the old static pages currently appear in search results. I know that that did not stop you — or a determined digital arachnid — from stopping by, but you are made of sterner stuff.

New RPC file now in place, and a new Sitemap protocoll file too. Joomla! extension author, Guillermo Vargas, has taken all of the pain out of creating not only an always up-to-date sitemap.xml, but also a nice component to help humans find their way around while they are here. Did you see the menu item on the front page? Cleverly, it says, 'Sitemap.'

More clean-up to do...keep watching for some real content! Wink